Dog Works is all about Dog Training in Fairplay, CO and the surrounding areas.  I opened Dog Works! in March of 2018 to help people and dogs develop awesome lifelong relationships through positive training activities, both mental and physical.

Happy students practicing their sit and stay at home.                      

Foundation is everything, so we have puppy classes for the little guys that incorporate all aspects of obedience, social interaction, and  proprioception.  Puppies learn best when the learning is fun, as do dogs, as do people.  I believe in activity based classes that develop great focus and relationships for handlers and their dogs.  After Puppy 1 comes Puppy 2 and then Obedience, Fitness, Rally, Tricks, and more.

About K9 Fitness:

First and foremost, K9 Fitness is FUN!  And all the dogs agree!  K9 Fitness is a relatively new field which is designed to strengthen dogs for specific activities, to help dogs after rehab, etc.  Fitness routines have proven to keep dogs much healthier, happier, and reduce vet visits when done appropriately.  Fitness also helps you and your dog develop a strong bond through mutual focus and better training.  For those with competitive sports needs, we can develop exercise routines for strengthening specific muscle groups.  For dogs coming out of rehab, we can develop fitness plans to help dog recover fully with approval from your veterinarian.  For puppies, fitness training is an amazing way to develop their coordination and confidence.  And for older dogs-we can keep their muscles from atrophying and help them have some fun.   Give it a try!

Other Classes and Consults:

We also offer Agility, Obedience, Senior, Puppy Focus, Tricks, Kids’ Classes and More!  There is something for everyone at Dog Works!  We love one on one consultations as well!

Marcia McMahon

Bio:  35 years training working dogs; 20 years training Search Dogs in all types of search; 13 years racing sleddogs; 23 years teaching kids and dogs obedience, rally, and agility; K9 water rescue training. 

Certified Canine Fitness Trainer and FitPaws Master Trainer-U of Tennessee and Fitpaws.  

           Certified Trick Dog Instructor with Do More with your Dog