Pictures and Case Studies

Dog Works and Summit County Animal Control Develop Fitness Plans to Help Rescued Dogs:

Dog Works and Summit County Animal Control have been working together to develop a fitness training plan for new rescues to facilitate their adoptions and adjustment to their new homes. Shelter techs learned all the basic exercises and techniques for Dog Works’ Fit 1 Class, including Clicker use and positive training exercises. Fitness is ideal for teaching new and adjusting dogs how to learn since it is so positive and dogs love it! Learning begins immediately with the positive training techniques opening the lines of communication right from the start. Add in the super fun exercises and the techs and rescues are off to an amazing start. Then the dogs can go to their new homes with a lot of learning under their belts. New owners are taught the techniques and the bonding accelerates! Win win for everyone! Many thanks to Summit Animal Control for inviting us to help!

Summit Techs learning Fitness Exercises in the Park

“Senior” Dogs & Fitness:

Ginger, an adorable Pitt recently blinded by Glaucoma, is an enthusiastic fitness pup! Ginger works on proprioception, orientation to her environment, and regular fitness with her devoted owner, Lesley Hall.

One of the specialties at Dog Works! is fitness for dogs who are in that cloudy “Senior Dog” category that varies so from Breed to Breed. We teach Fitness exercises that are specially designed for each dog and his/her needs to keep those muscles tuned up! And don’t think your older pup cannot get back in shape, because he/she can. Through clickers and positive learning, Senior dogs revert to puppyhood. They love getting out with everyone and working out! Dogs with disabilities are especially welcome with their veterinarian’s approval.

Aspen, 9 1/2 year old Pyr and fitness devotee, works on her planks. Aspen has lost 12 pounds and reverted to puppyhood since beginning Dog Works! fitness classes, through the dedicated efforts of her committed owner, Leslie Rhyner.

Senior Night Out!

Mia just beginning her new fitness and health conditioning program


Mia-Meet Mia-a street dog from Nepal.  Mia was adopted several years ago by Tyler McMahon in Kathmandu, Nepal, from a family who could no longer keep her.  Mia was in need of some care for her coat and stamina.  Through an aggressive treatment for mange (common in Nepal), an intensive health care and diet plan, and a beginning fitness plan coached by Dog Works!  Mia is enjoying an adventurous new life, confident and healthy.  She loves her fitness exercises, goes for regular runs with her owner and happily rides in a backpack on her owner’s back while he bikes the two of them to their office at Smart Paani in downtown Kathmandu.

Mia clicking her way through her much loved fitness exercises

Mia and Tyler also completed the Yak Attack Mountain bike stage race in Nepal.  Tyler rode, and Mia completed the trekking with the Crew all the way up to 17,000 feet!  (November 2018.)